Voter Fraud Mayhem in Alabama


From the Auburn Plainsman:

Dowdell also said there was voter fraud. He claimed a woman named Ann Torbert was turned away because someone had already voted in her name.

Torbert, when reached by phone, claimed someone with the name Tarbert had voted in her place.

“The poll worker had scratched out my name and respelled it,” Torbert said, “And there wasn’t even a Tarbert anywhere else on the list.”

Despite the irregularity Torbert said she was allowed to cast a vote.

David Dorton, director of public relations for Auburn, confirmed that a poll worker had crossed out the wrong name, but both voters were registered to vote.

After the vote was announced at city hall, a female Dowdell supporter confronted Byrd’s wife and shouted at her. The supported was removed from city hall by police, and Dowdell left with her.