Paging Voter ID Alarmists: “Black disappointment with Obama threatens Democrats”

This is what opposition to Voter ID by the DOJ and the Democrats was designed to prevent: low minority turnout.  The entire Holder-DOJ narrative against voter ID was designed to trick minorities into thinking that their right to vote is threatened.  People aren’t buying the scare tactics, and they don’t seem to be working.

“We had this idea that once we got the first black president, all our problems would be solved,” said Aaron McKinney, a Miami community organizer. He walked around the Jackson Soul Food restaurant in Overtown one day recently urging people to vote.

“People are happy to see a black man as president, but people in this environment see no way out,” said Dorrell Brown, a Miami longshoreman. “This is what they’ve believed for a long time, and it’s not changing.”